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Underground Drains

What are Underground Drains?

Underground drains are the extension of your gutter system allowing water to flow away from your house to a safe distance. Underground drains are connected to the bottom of a downspout and are made from either a 4-inch corrugated black pipe or a 3-4 inch PVC pipe running to a pop-up emitter valve. They may also run out to a safe drain area, runoff, or creek in your yard without the use of a pop-up emitter valve. Without a proper drainage system, areas can retain water for long periods of time

—either because of dense soil, multiple structures obstructing watershed or poorly-graded property. Whatever the situation is, if you ignore standing water problems, you can potentially face the following.

  • Basement flooding or leaking.

  • Rotten wood from constant water exposure.

  • Foundation settling and cracking.

  • Landscape erosion and destruction.

How Important Is My Downspout Size?  

Before installing an underground drain system it is imperative that you inspect and ensure that your current rain gutter system is functioning properly. Be sure the system is cleared and is draining completely. When Blue River Gutters installs a rain gutter system we use the large commercial downspouts 3 x 4“. If your home has the old 2 x 3 downspouts they should be removed and replaced with a new 3 x 4“ downspout. Once the downspouts are to the ground this is where the underground drain system will begin.

How Underground Drains Work

Underground drains are then trenched out to a safe distance from your foundation (8-10 feet) or to a location where water can naturally flow away from your home's foundation. We install drain kits that include a 10-foot drain and a pop up which is a standard safe distance. We also can install a custom length drain from any one downspout in order to move the water away in specific situations. Whether you use corrugated pipe or PVC is especially important to note that a solid pipe should be used and not perforated lines. Perforated lines allow roots and debris to grow or flow into the pipe and can cause underground drains to clog. Underground drains are designed to allow water to flow away from a home even in a "level yard" situation they provide you with a safe travel distance for the water away from the foundation. The holes in the bottom of the pop-up emitter valves at the end of the lines provide drainage for the drain water that does not flow out the surface in a level drain installation situation.

Our Underground Drain Installation.

At Blue River Gutters, our team installs underground drain systems to solve your standing water problems. As extensions to your gutter system, they drain water safely away from foundations and basements. Underground drains assist in keeping foundation areas dry and structurally sound. If you notice standing water on your property, these types of drains can help.


Our team is ready to add or replace underground drain systems in a timely manner. Many systems become root-bound because of poor installation, and can not be un-clogged by a drain-clearing company such as Roto-Rooter. We have the skills, experience, and products necessary to ensure your needs are met for repair or replacement. If you would like to schedule an appointment or free evaluation, Call today (256)-616-6760.

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