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Top 4 Reasons Why You Want 6 Inch Gutters Instead of 5 Inch

Updated: May 13

6 Inch Gutters Have Double the Water Capacity of 5 Inch

6 inch gutters can hold double the water capacity of a 5 inch gutter. Increasing the size increases the amount of water the gutters can efficiently redirect. Water capacity is a factor to consider depending on where you live and what the weather is like. If there is a lot of heavy rain in your area, 6 inch gutters might be a better option for helping you protect your home and landscape.

6 Inch Gutters Better Protect Your Fascia Board

6 inch gutters can cover the entirety of your fascia board which helps prevent too much exposure to the weather. The average home has a 3.5  to 5.5 inch fascia board. A 6 inch gutter can cover the entire face of that fascia board and make it essentially maintenance free. 5 inch gutters leave a small 1.5 to 2 inch piece of fascia board exposed which has to be painted every three to five years. The paint helps prevent deterioration and keeps the pristine finish.

6 Inch Gutters Have a More Robust Appearance

6 inch gutters have a more robust look. Because the size is bigger, you will have a more structural appealing look to your home. 5 inch gutters can sometimes make your home look less structurally sound. If you go with something like a wide corner, wide face boards around your windows, or a wide trim around your front door, your home is going to look more structurally sound. A 6 inch gutter can complement that beefier, stronger aesthetic look. Aside from the difference in cost, the stronger look can increase the value of your home. If you have a very large home and you were to use a 5 inch gutter, it would look too small.

6 Inch Gutters are Easier to Maintain

When it is time to clean your gutters, 6 inch gutters are going to give you a big advantage because the mouth at the top is an inch wider and gives you more room for your hand. The debris is much easier to clean out. Shingles can lean over onto the gutter as much as 1.5 to 2 inches. On a 5 inch gutter, the gap can be as small as two inches because of a shingle overhang being so long. This limits the ability to remove the leaves from the gutters. If you have a longer overhang, use a bigger gutter to make it easier to keep maintained.


6 Inch gutters are preferable for quite a few reasons. The increased water capacity is great and prevents you from having to install too many downspouts for water control. Fascia board protection is great and completely covers the standard 1×6 fascia board used on most homes. The robust appearance increases the structural appeal of your home and they are much easier to clean.

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