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Gutter Cleaning

What Comes With A Blue River Gutter Cleaning?

We clean out the entire inside of the gutter system, clear downspouts of any clogs, clean up all debris, and dispose of it. We inspect your gutter system for leaks and damage. If we find anything that is a concern we will let you know what our findings are. Gutter cleaning is very important to us. Consistent maintenance is key to protecting your gutter system and your home from water damage.

Is Cleaning My Gutters My Only Option?

When it comes to clean gutters, we provide some alternative options. Here are two options to help maintain the lifespan, and functionality of your gutter system:

Option one: Clean out your gutters or have them cleaned out by a professional.

Option two: Install Leaf Guards.

You may want to think about having leaf guards installed, to not only fix clogs but to prevent future ones and eliminate the need for interior cleanings of your gutter system!

How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

It is important that your gutters are cleaned at least once a year but 3 times per year is ideal. They should be cleaned 2 times during the fall while the leaves are still falling, and then again after they have all fallen. These cleanings will serve to keep all clogs clear that might build up in the system.

What Should I Look For When I Am Inspecting My Own Gutters?

The first thing to look for is the most obvious. When you see visible debris coming out of your gutters it is time to get them cleaned. Also, when you see water running over the front of the gutter it is a sign that the gutters are definitely clogged. The back of the gutter traditionally is higher than the front so any clogged gutters will usually run over the front first instead of the back.


If you see water running over the back of the gutters it may be something more sinister than just a clog. Water running behind the gutters is usually caused by gutters that are pulling away and falling down or the roofing material is short and is not extending over into the gutters far enough to allow the water to fall directly into the gutters as it should, and the roof runoff is wicking in behind the gutters usually by surface tension. If you see either one of these you should call a professional to have your gutters looked at.

Should I Call An Expert?

For the most part gutter cleaning is simple. The main thing to consider is are you familiar with a ladder. Ladders are pretty safe but getting on one only once a year is a recipe for a fall. Leaning over or stretching left to right on a ladder is the number one reason people fall off ladders. So, if you do find yourself at the top of one, be sure to only work the space directly in front of you, no leaning side to side. Always move your ladder over, never lean! Sore legs from climbing a few extra times up a ladder are better than healing from a fall. The best advice is if you're not familiar with a ladder or on one pretty often, it is better to leave to a pro. 

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